Isaac Sloan - Deploying a Rails Application

Deploying a Rails Application

Setting up servers.

  • Follow this guide or clone from another instance that is setup this way.

Deploying to staging.

  • Don't merge feature branches into develop until all tests pass and you're sure it works.
  • Test develop branch and push to staging.
    • Run cap staging depoy
    • Test staging.

Deploying to production.

  • Merge develop into master and test locally.
  • Find a time when it won't be noticed if deployment fails.
  • Push to production. cap production deploy
  • Test production thoroughly.
    • If it works you're done.
    • If it fails rollback. cap production deploy:rollback
    • Start over.

Anything Else

  • Talk it over with a teammate, make a plan and make sure you can easily recover from it if anything goes wrong.
September 18, 2014
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